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Toward the end the pulse runs up to 140 to 160 beats, while in many
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William H. Heath, M. D., Descriptive and Surgical Anato-
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appearances in the brain must be drawn with caution, because it cannot
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The descending colon and the proximal part of the sigmoid were
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was found to be bluish in color, and the femoral artery
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their sufierings has compelled them to look for relief, and when it
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leptic. In the past 2i years she has had occasional attacks
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for about a year, and it is to be deeply deplored that the
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of subcutaneous oedema, especially in the feet, and the anaemia may be
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commended, and very properly; but this vague language is
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per 10,000 population at this age, whereas the forty-nine cases in the
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mon basin, where it could be evaporated, dried, mixed with
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constitute the centrum ovale, we know nothing with certainty beyond
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give votes to all M.A.'s of Durham without reference to
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An equipment lease that isn’t tailored to the unique
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excessive beds and layers of areolar tissue immediately
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altogether. He was of nervous lymphatic temperament; a steady
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County Borough Council. The local authorities should
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it is not easy to adapt yourself to the social circumstances
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tube and causing otitis media, have not been uncommon.
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and he also mentions eczema of the vulva and anus. For the
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the Governor said : " The Public Health Law was con-
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detail, as upon it the physician's main dependence must be
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you can understand, I say, how the body of air must rub against the pa^
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year of age. It is recognized that gastro-intestinal disease is the
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was crippled with serious scrofulous disease of the hip.
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inches. The length of the radius is seven and a half inches ;
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transverse diameter becoming at the same time smallep, and the
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and the small intestine in the abdomen, were distended with
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Dr. Scott, who graduated from the University of Penn-

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