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The extensive sale of the First Edition, as well as the unsought

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uncontrollable impulsive violence follow. A rabid impulse over-

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attack, one which is about to follow a transient exposure, than in pre-

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+ Including pellagrins of unknown age as follows: three white females, two colored females

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relieved by the leeches, but her aspect was bad: the breathing was not much

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took up its study, in the hope that it would throw important light upon the

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of the fissure present in the latter, which is absent

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pancreatitis which represents the lesion often designated atrophy was

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Frogiiosis. — As maj- be seen by what has jn-eceded, the prognosis

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Fenwick, M. D., M. R. C. S. E., Institutes of Medicine;

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they will both be digested in the same time. The pan-

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injure the joint, the stiffening of which makes them awkward

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that quarter. Death often supervenes in one hour after the attack ; and

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rhages occur occasionally throughout a long period when signs of tuber-

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Dr. Wood {Therapeutic Gazette) that in ulcerated con-

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Chinaman and our own t-adors and soldiers may be seen

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teeth and mouth are much more easily performed when the horse

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should be restored to health by a paroxysm of disease, it follows that this

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here. It was once my fortune to live for three months, during

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Dr. Robertson — Does Dr. Britton mean the fifty lectures to be the same each year or

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hilus of the lung, but in the right they reach only to within 8 cm. from the hilus. A No. 16

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chief breeding establishments of first sized heavy dray and

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equally. In a large number of cases the solitary follicles entirely escape ;

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any more importance than this one, and none is presented in a more

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™ as If drawing out imaginary threads from the ends of his fingers, and

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used, but they should be used with great caution. Since 1884

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is observed after death in cases of purulent infection. When, there-

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tement de lafifevre typhoide (mfitliode de C. IJinu hard).

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intensely interesting. The translation is admirable and

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vessels ; in the liver, kidneys, and testicles, and in the bones. They have

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also of educating the lower classes up to a point at which

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that it is better to carry the dilution still further. They recommend a sixteen-

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Ballantyne, M.D., CM., F.R.C.P.E. Volume VI.: Heat Fever to Inter-

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contradictory statements is, that, in the present state of our know-

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