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patient's condition and the disappearance of the most alarming

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Peelen, John William, s, a, w, Sioux Center, Iowa. A.B. (Hope C.) '27.

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sleeping naturally, and is presently able to resume ordinary life. Eelapses,

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the action of an alkaline or earthy substance is explained by

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3 Brault in Charcot's Traite de Medecine, 1894, v, 680.

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"Even today at least 80% of all hospitals for the insane throughout

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within recent years. An infant of one year should take it in doses of ten

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vani. Later Nicolle suggested for the disease the name of ' infantile

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too long continued, and neuritis, wasting, and palsy may be

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Surgical Division of Bellevue Hos^)ital, which came

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and under all circumstances, by the hands alone, is that of the postural

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to get a reliable history from patients ; in some, this arises

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cheaper cuts of the steer quarter, such, for example, as the neck,

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Autopsy. — Showed considerable emaciation. Heart and lungs normal. Peri-

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abeyance in this disease ; the multinuclear white blood-cor-*

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my system had time to get accustomed to the increased

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The second case was on the 4th of October, 1876. I was=

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periosteum and bones, they are most apt to appear upon the skull, the

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* R. V. McRue, 8 C. & P., 641. f Wharton, Cr. Law, sec. 1135.

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and its natural history. A copious bibliography is given in an appendix, and

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a book in which the reader will find little else to repay him

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sizes the point that they should be free from metastasis. He admits,

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that one of the most certain ways of determining posi-

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“The doctors, in what is normally a healthy period,

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and lasted for a few days, until the source of irritation was remov-

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upon inflammation of parts separated fixmi the point of application, by

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