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allotted. In cases of diuresis following the injection of urea or
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cases. With our own patient the serious accident set in after a hot
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of the heart being subject to so much variation, excites the
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' Aberdeen Magazine.' Dr Leith, whose family was long estab-
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is there is your stethoscope, and in this climate a
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military hospitals in London and, later was summoned to Duston
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wound-disturbance neither argues against their existence
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so much acid alcohol as gave, so far as could be seen, an approxi-
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who are still in possession of these vital organs, has led
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thus increasing the difficulty of passing an instrument to
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cially in the appendix. In many cases the infection reaches the
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0. Hay-Fever. By Carolus M. Corb, M.D., of Lynn, Mass.
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out in practice, that the exquisite torture to which
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• Read before the Brashear Medical Society at Taylorsville. Ky.. July 17, 1900.
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some physicians to the larger amounts of liquid food forced upon the stomachs
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they occur in the human body. The ova are supposed to be
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c.c. of hydrochloric acid. Stain sections (material fixed In any
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Esser, John H., 700 North Water St., Milwaukee 53202
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was obtained from the crypts of the right and left tonsils, by means
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they were expelled the city, to return again when a comparatively enlight-
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be generally correct, it might in some instances lead to the concealment of the
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patient with a large hrouchocele, in which both lobes of the gland and the isthmus
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At the end of the eleventh century, Salernum, which lay on the
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out the consent of her mother; and evidence was given to show the improbability
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ness of the ability to make accurate qualitative perceptions; in other
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shine, and the sea breeze or proper altitude when near
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too early, the skin will feel too short and tight, movement
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Dr. \V. K. Otis, of New York, said that in cases where
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Septicemia and Pyemia — Malignant CEdema — Petechial Fever —
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childbearing, or, more commonly, pregnancy after the disease is once estab-
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fluence of the neuron just now, that there is a danger that the circulation
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have convulsions, or coma; we may have insomnia, or
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sence or death of her husband, she may allege that she has given birth to
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American physician. As long ago as 1851 Dr. John Evans,
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and local ; with a few words in conclusion on amenorrha>u connected with un-
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s.ympathische Ophthalmic; niit Demonstration vonPiapa-
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to us is therefore of comparatively small moment. "

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