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with the bulbous ends. 2. In inserting the tube the
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Society, Medical, of the State of New York. 83, 1.57
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House of Delegates affirm dates and locations for annual
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present day. In serious or painful operations the patient was made
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sion. Most important of percussion — dullness. Most important
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The carbohydrate foods which are allowable are the more digestible
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ive essay, reports in the same year that, out of eight opera-
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bra, where it joined the scalenus anticus. It gave off in its course a
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A case presenting this arrhythmia usually has a history of a
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that of the toxalbumins ; but it appears that no anti-
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once Von Hacker's incision. In children the rectus muscle is rather
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symptoms and signs such as we see in acute circumscribed cedema.
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patient ha<l a varicocele for which he had done noth-,
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vedere sulla genesi delle febbi i infettive. Moderna nied.,
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tute. He graduated B.A. from the University of Toronto in
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Persons desiring to present themselves for examination by
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population of mechanics and artisans, able and willing to pay
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defect. A portion of integument somewhat oval in shape, and about
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« Drug Administration (FDA), sulfasalazine in recent years
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to meet in full the current requirements for admission to the College. Trans-
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Mass., by letter to the Surgeon-Oeneral for annulment ot contract.
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with a decided jump, not stopping until it reached the
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growth and repair of its protoplasmic tissues certain complexes
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atomy appears. Whether the origin of the leucocytes be
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not prepossess the public with a very favourable opinion of
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urine than when phosphates or cystin calculi form, and consequently are
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Cantab., and F.R.C.S.Ed., who, before the war, was tuberculosis
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For a catalogue or other information write DR. TH03IAS Ol'lE, Dean,
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sion; and second, that the majority of such generalized cases show
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and it is fair to attribute this to the careful, persistent and thorough
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CCLXII. Erysipelas — Recovery on the eleventh day . . . 961
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surgeons, notably by M. Leon Labbe, and by M. Cruveilhier
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uterine pathology. To establish the frequency of acquired deformity of the
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and September. It was sterilized in an autoclave at 110° C. f<
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dollars a month, the letter continues : " The worst feat-
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» A Manual of Diseases of the Nervotis System. Second
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the treatment of the disease in animals is in an experimental
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