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6. Meyer RD, Kraus LL, Pasiecznik KA: In vitro susceptibility of gentamicin-

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ture, and a cure ensued at the end of thirty-five days. Another case is

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idea as to the ^vantages of the method of forcible res-

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extraction as carried out, was incomplete. The results, however, are

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constructed of such thin lead that it gave way and caused

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resemble very closely the appearances sometimes presented by

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cycle of this variety is evolved chiefly in certain of the internal viscera, and

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ity of each individual, it is difficult to conceive

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In oversize of the uterus the part played by concealed intra-uterine

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she vomited and that it would cease. Persuasion and suggestion, aided

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some bled moderately, cupped, gave no cathartics, used injec-

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line. However, there is one point to which I wish to call Dr. Crowell's

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higher promptings of humanity, regard sanitary science as of the

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aO cases in Leipsic within thirteen years. The gravity of the danger

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branes rai-ely fail to serve, except in the pueri^eral

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power to relieve pain in a superficial nerve. So decided

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and Trousseau alludes to cases of relaxation of the sphincters of the

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method foregoes primary union, allows the agents of infection which

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18S4, 9. v.. vi, 54-59. — Konbassotr. Passa.iie des mi-

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little, if any, utility. However, it is possible that large doses are more

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The antihypertensive effects of the drug may be enhanced in the postsympathectomy patient If progressive renal

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dition, with here and there dark ecchymosed patches, which, on being cut

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question is generally put to a medical man as to his standing; and he is also nearly always

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were divided. Stress was laid upon the importance of discovering these

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events, remarkably precocious ; for, according to M. Sainte-

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vasomotor (and convulsive?) centre ; beneath it the

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London : SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.

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may all be arranged under one category, that of prevention.

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the Circulation of the Blood. It was so with the discovery of

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Dr. Pritdden declined to make a search for a special bac-

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viz., that by skim-milk, bears out CantanPs views so far as it is a strictly animal

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does not always follow, for if the Eustachian tube is occluded,

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morning, and through the day interfered with all movements. Prolonged

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oculation by vaccination and otherwise, admitted that instances have,

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difference between them, as it is very evident. The first will always be

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