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investigations on the lymphatics of the stomach by Polya and Navratil.^

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study of the influence of lever on hepatic glycogeuesis.

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numerous than the mononuclear cells but occur in collections

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teric fever in a native soldier. Tr. M. & Phvs. Soc. Bom-

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"Behind the middle pavilion are situated the dining-room, kitchen,

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You are the veterans of a thousand battle-fields, not of mortal strife

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gions. The author, who has hitherto han- his introductory address makes the follow-

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I have found, in connection with my hospital service, that very often

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describe, and only one step removed from scrofula, is present in all

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which causes considerable itching. In attempting to allay the itch-

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sis from the milk of several of the goats. Of 23 men on board the

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terminations, and complications of such pneumonic processes are." He

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bi'cn accidfiit.illy oiiiitti-d in our latit nuiuber,

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inert. His idea is that cancer cells, although they grow like

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is sometimes surrounded by a faint areola, which is probably owing

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13 Transurethral insertion of a vaginal contraceptive suppository into

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gradual, and did not in any way differ from that usual in

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lowing the grip. On the 28th of October he had been

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time and strength was occupied in building stockaded garrisons and block-

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the cabinet, or by cooling it, or by putting it in rapid motion by means

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valve before us. Neither the valve nor the surface of

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through the dilating of the bloodvessels and the pro-

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transl. [Ab.str.] : Pest, med.-chir. Presse, Budapest. 1893,

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cellular tissue, with the view of exposing, in a general manner,

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dization. (Jalvanization of the brain was also neces-

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great pain, it will usually be found to have developed on the

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articles. It is obvious that this effect is not produced by the

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increased pain, with twitching of the left facial muscles.

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present medical expert testimony; with a proposed rem-

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buildings, equipment, supplies, and personnel — which directly served sick and

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