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tally to produce in animals by ligature of one of the
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not necessitate au auKstlietic ; its failure does not dis-
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quinine and iron down to sulphate of aniline, and all with the same
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ball or the reintroductiou of the scoop. Some care and
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labor union — Your reference committee supports this reso-
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tions, viz., I , that the cells were attracted to the microbes
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Tlie cervix could not be felt in this case, because of a
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red. There was no cadaveric stiffening, but a strongly- developed
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a mortality seems of itself sufficient to prevent a surgeon following this practice ;
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then the chronic or incomplete form more frequently occurs.
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uterine tvphoid. Tr. Edinb. Obst. Soc, 1897-8, xxiii, 90-99.
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effect was noticed. In none of the cases were any evil effects observed.
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"We regret that by an error in the review of Dr. McKendrick's Outlines of
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The brain is an organ which, like any other organ of the body, pul-
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grounds of great cities, which must needs take in a great amount
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Electrolytes were all within normal limits and the creatinine
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Whether in the future a systematic attempt to maintain
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being one of the most violent he had ever witnessed. The family tell me
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in the French Chambers providing, as a remedy for the
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(1) Hsematuria in association with retroversion of the gravid uterus
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It is now accepted that (1) the mean systolic blood
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by microscopic examination. It was obviously inoperable. It was
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and great additional suffering at the time, but afterwards the
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fashion. Through the ureteral catheter there was in-
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examination and tested the function of the heart by the simplest
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the Greek, with a Preliminary Discourse and Annota-
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Sital-Chint is the name in use for Cubebs, and Kahdh-
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I have found it as such in considerable amount in the stool from a
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pain in the loins, itching all over the surface, desire to vomiij,
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