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from a case of pleurisy, gelatine, pota.to and agar-

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duce a reaction evidenced by general mal- torum; we must lessen the number of wo-

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ology. It contains the results of the experiments of MM. Cyon

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trict on the right bank of the Euphrates ; in 1870 in Persian Kurdistan ;

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Collier has observed in several cases the dropped foot

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ptoms probably depend in most cases upon some additional local lesion of

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quent atrophy. A single muscle may be directly affected by trauma,

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fragrant flowers, "extracting the liquid sweet." At early

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sequent steady fall is due to the action on vasomotor centres, as in

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able. The affection does not tend to disorganize the kidneys. It is a

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4. Spittle MF, Heal J, et al: The association of spontaneous

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were nearly equal in extent and of almost precisely similar situation ; yet the

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tance in the management of the disease. — North Ameri-

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of age as smokers. Among all these, three thousand persons

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nominally intended for students, it will bo found useful to any ■

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deep reflexes in the upper limbs. In syringomyelia there are peculiar

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The whole number of deaths reported for the county for 1857 was

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tion of iodine there is no staining, nor starch granules. As stated

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also, besides possessing certain chemical properties, may possess

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These roots are distilled dry, that is to say, they are

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Manabe and Matula,^ who claim to have proved Pauli's theory,

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of Bellevue Hospital, has been led to this conclusion by finding that

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ally practical, great stress is laid upon the care of the

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but except as it aids in the determination of the cha-

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tion where no orgauic disease is found, is very small,

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creased oxidation induced by its entrance into the blood stream.

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Connor, Detroit, president; Drs. Beverly D. Harison, Sault Ste.

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remained so for about two weeks, when it resumed its natural

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* See Gan., ii, 7. Hippocrates appear* to take pnatma, the brcatb,

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9.— Smithson reports a case of imperforate hymen.

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ll'n'^e for our Xcic Sinusoidal Literature, which is Just off the press.

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There is no doulit that spotted fever has existed for some time in locali-

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This volume of between 500 and 600 pages is the first of a

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He informed me that when he left the factory the day before, he took

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from the Clinical Center in three on-site visits to observe Computerized

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