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sion to meet any outbreak of epidemic disease, whilst at the
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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.
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and light in impression," and, it may now be added, are hardly
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something of that kind. A class of men distinguished by
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experimented on, which included the bacillus anthracis
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tubes, and giving rise to a muco-purulent secretion, it is fre-
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2. 'The department's continued lack of effective liaison with local
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skin above the pubes, a little to one side of the base of the penis,
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when this is the case, the left is more often attacked than the right.
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pressure and displacement, often becomes extremely tender, and like the inflamed
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communications of our race must have been limited to simple
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iV'urzburg in the winter of 1888-89 and found the average bacterial
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upon whether one or both of the parents of the several patients had had that
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sternal notch. The situation, size, and shape of the area of dulness or flat-
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of the semi-solid gelatinous substances recommended by Ii!och, have been
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numerous diseases. He studied the frequency of tlic
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oi namentai gilding for outdoor work, is done by first cover-
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contracted smallpox subsequently during their residence in the asylum.'
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of 56 C. The agglutination test in the case of the tubercle bacillus
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The condition here, then, until proof be furnished to the contrary, is one of
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symmetry of the swelling, the soft consistency, the history of one or more
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I any point on the land.* Now, then, the analogy be-
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Experiment of February 23d. — Shock produced by removal of skull-cap.
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employed, and while in late years the list of antiseptics
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muscle flaccidity, tremor, chills, convulsions, and rigidity
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morning about six o'clock, notwithstanding an attempt to dimin-
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chief pait of the intercellular substance of the neoplasm. Subsequently
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One of the most important considerations in a case of measles
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when excessive pyrexia was present, to be injurious ; far
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may also be found escaping from the anus. More rarely it has been
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placed upon a scientific basis, but little was known regarding the means of
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€xample, was comparatively low. It seemed to him the so-
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teadily to opium, coal tar products, etc. As a mydriatic,
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