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patients, the buUdings are now abandoned, and hopes are enter-

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common the fact that they proceed directly from ga.stro-intestinal irrita-

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(4) pulmonary affections in which the interchange of gases is interfered with;

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sidered that the previous long-continued hemorrhages

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(Philipp) [in 1. a.]. Controleversuche zur Blutgerinnungs-

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this reason the stimulus for an extended trial has hardlv been suffi-

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three days. The patient was a female idiot. Another case, also in

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of the 30th of April was slight but well marked; that of the 3rd of

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the grand work which is expected of you. The physi-

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chair, I dwelt at sufficient length on the part taken by Beatty, following

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the two eyes. Thus, in a case in which a prism of 8° is required, apex

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on this chance hypothesis could be compared with the actual number, and

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" In filthy localities, in cesspools, iu sewers, in de-

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and of obstruction from commencing paralysis of the heart, and instead

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they came in, in a way, as competitors both for money and prestige and so

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9 ounces top milk, I2 per cent, fat, 4 per cent, proteid.

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The treatment may be enterostomy, breaking up adhesions, and resec-

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varied : it includes a period of incubation, a prodromic stage, the first

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The method of transfusion in newborn babies is by way of longitudinal

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Leaflets of various species of Cassia. Several commercial

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(S. G.) Peculiar accident from wearing glasses. Am.

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vomiting, the obstinacy of the constipation, and frequently dysuria, char-

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After the operation, the veterinarian will, besides enjoining a

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ness of tlie joints, together with indefinite ailments, precede the development

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increased. They inclose numerous granules, thus resembling the colourless

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by it would cause a reflected or retrogressive action in the fibril, as if an impression were excited in it, and sent ttom

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