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were nearly equal in extent and of almost precisely similar situation ; yet the
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There was no difficulty in the delivery ; nor was there, except-
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The different chapters in the book are well and clearly written —
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Dr. Parkes Weber (in reply) : I have not heard of similar cases of
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central nervous system. In the second case, there were
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from the angle half way up the dorsum of the scapula, and for
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that Billet was probably mistaken, for if leeches infected with T. inopinatuni are
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this belief involves a false security leading to exposures which would
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powerful ingredients, consequently injurious to the stomach. There is one, how-
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circumstance is noticed in almost every work which has
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New York Amateur Ch.-imiiionship in I!i27 and ruTHii r up in the Munici|)al (iuh
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position in space ; if each eye would require the same degree the object is
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ounce of port wine, and 15 minims of laudanum (because
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The second period, then, in which I shall examine this ope-
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fatherland ; now though this seemed to hint at the possible existence
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or filled my pockets with almonds and raisins, of which he
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Walter Burniiam, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Obstetrics.
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discs are diminished in number, when this diminution
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II. — During the past ten years, the burden of bac-
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purposes in anatomy were introduced, it was a woman who invented
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collapse occurs when the chest is opened. Examined with the microscope,
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EnteUigible by comiecting them with the immediate and ulterior effects
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cation of the ligature, and the immediately subsequent application
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case is cured. Ten days later she is entirely satisfied

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