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Phsedrus replies, •' Hippocrates, the Asclepiad, says

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a way so precise ' que Von se croirait en presence d' insinuations modemes.' "

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such absence. The annual dues of the Secretary are remitted.

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results. It is not an ideal job, however; exposure to high

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1. If of the polypoid variety, its surface is reddish in color

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that have appeared inside the cover of each number issued.

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accept or reject advertising copy for any reason. Adver-

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did not slip. Their strength, too, was sufficient ; and, as they

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parently by the use of a transverse colostomy. However,

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doubled in five years. Along with this naturally has come a drop

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physician need not carry the disease. In regard to the value of

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the way of non-operative treatment it must be done early, that opera-

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the skin and the lungs will normally be balanced by the

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safely used to stimulate and facilitate thinking, not to make it un-

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all the fomites coming from choleraic patients; the patients

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apparently cured during the past year. During 1898, 7fo

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married persons receiving §6 or more, persons living out at service, are able to

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as Roux, Behring, and many, many others too numerous to mention,

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jfivon birth to — bacteriology — astmly wiiicli now occupies a

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student of the art of surgery. Although he frequently referred

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alcohol is used, which is prepared by rubbing up the dye with the

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