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to be the cause of paleness, in such cases, and the slow movement

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ordinances. In 1702, Florinus described the disease and

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M.D., F.B.G.S., M.E.C.P., &c., &c. London : Churchill, 1870.

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grant, necessary to the very successful practice of medicine. Our profession

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tuft of cotton conveyed to the part by means of the uterine forceps.

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propriate reagent, or whether it is subsequently added, there is no

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having been allowed to intervene between each. Eapid im-

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toms strikingly like those present in the human beings. Five

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"ground itch" which is so common in the awaiting a more thorough demonstration

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lime-water. Instead of this, the principle he is anxious

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zootics in most of the countries of Europe. Like anthrax,

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with exceeding care. At home, my medical friends could perceive at a

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Dec. Slst — Has been vomiting after medicine for the last

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a corrosive action on the tail and legs. In severe cases the

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the subject are being continually needed. The one before us is as full and

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temperate in his habits ; short in stature, and thin ; dark hair and

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extensively than they were accustomed to do on former occasions.

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ing and finally convulsions and death from suffocation.

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which pertajn to the two bodies individually — less, however, than

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fever. The remedy produces an excitation of the internal

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by the count, but more surely by the form of the corpuscles

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eases of the metabolism, namely, one of spoonfuls, was added to the milk. The

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ucnts, have hitherto prevented its general use. Our improved

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lows free inspection of the bladder, the re- through tiie gland into the peri-rectal tissue

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produced a similar result. Periera, however — as in his work,

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salts and tartar to operate on the bowels, and the cold water con-

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of oedema with thickening of the alveolar walls are not un-

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