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But, argued Dr. Alison, if we abandon blood-letting, as recommended
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mum of hottest month, 83° and 85° respectively, which is about
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2.— Privileged Medical Communications. — D. W. Chee-
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broken. Metal bougies on which the plating has become
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nected with the history of fever. It is an opinion entertained by many
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the bran in a cloth as dry as you can, then spread it thinly on
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and he complained of some uneasiness in that region. About a
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the second child within 70 seconds. The broad ligaments were
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conditions of cardiac incompetence both of these factors may be at work,
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symptoms and lesions of the spotted fever of the New England, States, as described
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form of nodules, mostly of the size of a pea, which were
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The dtbate on the British Museum Estimates shows that the
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under any pulmonic affection, yet the entire of one lung,
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gram weight of a particular animal always produces similar results.
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tablished, we are practically helpless to prevent their running
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1908 b. — Die hypopiale Nymphe von Falculifer rostratus (Buchh.) als Endoparasit
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his disease and enjoyed robust health until the commencement of his
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The finger was run over the presenting womb to determine
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may be by continuity through the course of the ureter is of interest.
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find it in an anniversary address delivered by the writer on October 16, 1896 (the
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Greene, Dr., on the symptoms and diagnosis of aneurisms of
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and brain defect which invalidate mental integrity. In this alliance
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or muscles be wounded, or even the flesh be deeply penetrated. But if the wound
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at the Health Exhibition ; the tallest man was 6 ft, 7i in. ;
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bone — probably hot so numerous as thev afterwards became, owing to the natural
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flocculent sediment, at times bloody ; pulse quiet ; heat natural,
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surface of the peritoneum. In this case there was con-
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nounced against it in all cases of paraplegia. If there was one
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chief breeding establishments of first sized heavy dray and
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a book in which the reader will find little else to repay him
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ligatured on either side en masse by passing the ligature from a point
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book. Once things got into motion and the talk was over
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seemed feasible and not fraught with particular danger.
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will prove a radical cure, as the ring was not stretclied, and the ligatured neck
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able degree without displacing the illumination from
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and whilst pitying Memphis and sympathizing with its brave
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to fall back upon the bone, when the bleeding at once ceased. In a case
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vomiting, and pain in the stomach were caused by the
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