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to the city. He has returned to the country infected and sophisti-

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contain sodium bicarbonate and dissolved carbon dioxide.

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While serum experiments for a time offered the greatest encourage-

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views. By precedent, discussion has been limited to

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t "Chancres, as well as gonorrhoea, are perhaps seldom or never whol-

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culus" is composed of ammonium magnesium phosphate and calcium

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** Ultimately I twice performed this experiment with the virus of epizootic

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Af^ain, horses which are habitually exercised in a ring, or

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fore. Gave turpentine enema and opii et canipli. aa gr. ii. and cal.

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with 'Amr ibnu'l-'As, the conqueror and first Muslim

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from the gynecologist's hand or sound, and give rise

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by the child remaining at stool an abnormal length of time and at

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previous to his getting into bed, if his extremities be cool,

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of the serum after the injection should not be practised,

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These avveneristi of science are surely exceptional beings. Tliey

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ceives £100 per annum for the services of its med-

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surface of the organism. In the spirilla these organs are more rigid than

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May 15 with about twenty members present. S. P. Barnes, of Massillon,

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hospitals, in which anaesthetics were used, choloroform was adminis-

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If this is done it means that there is a constant wastage from fatigue, thereby

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salts, such as the phosphates of lime and potash, which are necessary in the

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mission a tumor of the size of a large walnut occupied the left half of the floor

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They stated that out of a number of cases an experienced surgeon would be

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of children of school age to the total population of the city

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diminished by absorption, to the thickness of half an inch. These

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perature at the time was 10 1® F. The following morn-

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and, it may be, to paralysis ; both terminating, occasionally, in mania or

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in this great constructive work that lies before you.

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' cles on the surface. There was general adhesive peri-

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not only in the consolidation of the several pieces of the skeleton, but

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State, and report upon them, together with recommendations as

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congestion of the cervix uteri for example, the injected fluid must be kept in

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10. — Circular aiiiputatiou of the middle third of the

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Whalen (Chicago MeiUcal Ri'corder, July, 1SV3) reports 3 very

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muscles do not assist the recti or voluntary muscles in the move-

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laginous or even into osseous nodules which are often connected by narrow

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after whom two societies in succession, devoted to the preservation and

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alluded to is one of interest otherwise, though more properly suited to an article

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