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Thk battlc-grround of classification is now confined to the orders of

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of by Theobald to classify the Culicida;, wliile the latter may be strongly

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and teacher, to the speculative class of physicians, but are

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of Chicago, presented a specimen to the Chicago Patho-

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' In any of the above ways abnorm^d tendencies pass from ancestors to

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gave relief where other measures failed, and frequently jiroved

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Medical supply requirements must be calculated on the above

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the magicians, in their endeavors to originate sensational

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as she is doing well I propose to let her go on without that operation.

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keratitis fissures, pe^ijfoed teeth, kc. There is a liistory of one

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course, a prominent symptom, and sometimes remains tenaciously

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fever and the causal relation of the protein split products thereto. We

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and these in active motion ; accompanying these, will be found

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necessary to give ergot, and with excellent results, as when the labor

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Mackenzie 1 first called attention, is that an inverted curve is sometimes obtained.

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with attempts to remove the obstruction, and enterostomy. No

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is more a domestic than a commercial industry. When apples are

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which, if left to itself, will either prove fatal or cease

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suffering nine years from intense gastro-intestinal neuralgia, which baffled all reme-

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I had under my care a woman, twenty years of age, suffering from chloro-Brightism

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irith one fatal case of the sort which occurred in a male aged forty-two years,

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1. The mental faculties. 2. Special and general sensibility. 3. Volun-

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Unquestionably the source of the hemorrhage was the open bloodvessel sup-

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attended with persistent rigidity from the begiiming ; and that if in this

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right side become affected by the respiratory depression of the

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the tongue under cocaine anaesthesia showed tuberculous granulation

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the communication of parts of its correspondence, and in the reading of

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tem; and, like an indolent ulcer, it may exist for a long period of time, having

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few phosphate crystals, but no tube-casts. In this case there were also

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be of interest to consider precisely what is claimed for

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the offce of the textures of which they are composed. A

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Correction. — By a mistake of the compositor, the advertise-

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