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mental depression. Frequently they have been the rounds with but

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Dr. Dalch^ now makes a second report to the Paris Therapeuti-

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tion, N. Raw,* agrees with Koch's statement that human and

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added those cases in which fibrous tumors are met with in connection with and

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Andrew Clark, with reference to tracheotomy. There was bilateral abductor

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in the body; so that the physician meeting with circumstances of disease

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and fed Astragalus moUissimus exclusively. At first it ate freely,

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deliver, during which the perineum was torn into the rectum, the

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believed to possess curative powers. He has fine models

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stant in its action, but very slow in producing this ef-

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would not be justified. Occasionally an immune scrum will fix a

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tlioracic operations and has been found to \orl< per-

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by the saline substances and the albumen that it cannot be solidified even locally

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former Bellevue interne, first used plaster in this country.

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seen after attempting the use of compensative appliances,

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Medical Corps, who made a special point of the following tests:

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the requirements of a straight inner border and adducted fore part.

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natural hfemostatic processes to complete the cure. I have al ways

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telligible that symptom-complex, retroverted uterus, irriteble

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diseases in all of these parts becomes more and more manifest.

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the crystals so deposited were characteristic, being elongated

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treatment. If the foot, hand or arm is badly swollen and the

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By the aid of the speculum, the uterine sound, the endoscope, and,

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of their specific causes. After these diseases have been once experienced,

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This is all very fine, but it won't do — Anotomy-

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The hope that CaCU might prove of value ew a substitute

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(erythraemia), not only the number of red corpuscles and the amount of

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sure the observations Avould be made with accuracy and re-

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broad way, and is eminently fair to our Canadian medical

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In the 6608 cases that were under ray care, operative interference was resorted

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feel the approach of these attacks. Daily other instances

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this is a fibroid of the interstitial variety. That from

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the lesions are essentially different from spontaneous or idiopathic inflam-

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In 1888 I described this method of ascertaining the

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the question comes up whether enucleation should be done or not. One

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three-fifths by the expanded uterus and right broad ligament ; beneath

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The subjects of this examination are the following : —

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Causation. — From six to sixteen, in both sexes, especially

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applicable are frequently met with. In these the spleen is with scarcely

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by some more summary and expeditious process than that of being re-

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epileptic s<:n jures, and if the jx>ns is affected, crossed paraly:as

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pation without the inconvenience of wearing spectacles.

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