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There is a need for pages that cannot be scrolled; for type that is laid once on

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that calomel and other preparations of mercury possessed marked

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those parts, that it requires a length of time to re-

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semen is equally so. No part of the semen but the ani-

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professor of surgical electricity could be found at the Homojo-

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of practice, inclusive of the term of pupilage, will

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path, is it not a subject of mighty importance for us to study

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in this case ; and it is a matter of interest to note the al-

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nation question with ingenious skill so that its many facts shall

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tracture may be general ; i. e., may involve the whole of the

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and hermetically sealed will ever become sour ; but let it be

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considerable diagnostic importance. By touch alone we ascer-

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period of her natural sterility ; the number of children

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moisture has been applied, or the compresses have over-

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' The cfiBcial manufacturer of the badge, to whom all applications therefor

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tion. Besides these causes of inflammation — the wound

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of Pennsylvania. The Louisville Marine Hospital has

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Paris, will also reward one with much knowledge upon this fas-

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or of delirium tremens, can not, I add, well rally without them.

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Animals submitted to the action of chloral were speed-

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old friend. It is sent in criticism of the editorial (on

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place, making a slow recovery. This surgeon, believing that

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favus, although this cannot be satisfactorily deter-

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Dispensary has been established in New York, for dis-

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Fowler's solution, administered by the mouth, had failed.

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nated ? Is it totally or partially ? And in the last alter-

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Art. I. — Analysis of Various Articles. Published in,

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circulation of the blood that Laennec made an attempt to define

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Stricture of the Urethra. — A middle-aged man has

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nized and duly appreciated, but it is not to this property

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Let us not deny to the enfranchised African the same

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the only ones involved, while, on the other hand, acute

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