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from ^ to 1 inch (1.2-2.5 cm.) beyond the right sternal margin. Dila-

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Hoffman's anodyne or chloroform in small doses, may relieve the pain.

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as it would have been to the whole of the organs if they had been in-

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the peri- and parapancreatic tissues is the origin of the fat-necrosis.

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it must even now be considered to be more or less obsolete, so great

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the surrounding liver-tissue, and presents a dark, grayish-white, striated

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without avail. No drug has been found to exercise the slightest influence

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On palpation the tactile fremitus may be found to be diminished or ab-

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spare gouty subjects are met ^^-ith. and in such I have found a rather

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in most instances by a relative mitral incompetency. Still another mur-

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Over and above the benefit wrought to the particular patients

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Acute tracheo-bronchitis arises as a secondary condition in a great

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Hygienic. — Pure air, wholesome food, and plenty of rest and sleep,

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Boas bacillus. The tests for hydrochloric acid are given in every

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ment and the tube is severed from its attachment to the broad

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ing factors are to be rigidly avoided. The patient should be instructed

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(e. g. in measles, whooping-cough, vide Bi'oncJio-jjneumonia).

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tion in the testicles or breasts, and severe blows in the pit of the stomach

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