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convalescence; abdomen always distended with gas; tongue whitish,
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times, both of the same and different days, so that averages give but a very
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caustic commentary on the standing of American medical students
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of the two authors, but consists of two separate treatises,
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some way or another in a living condition from the sick to
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of the peritoneum is the primary, the cirrhosis the secondary.
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by observing whether gentle stroking toward its outlet dimin-
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mously, and rain water does not need the same amount of
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brought about by removal of the tonsils. Of course, it is not
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ble time before you find a patient who furnishes an example of an abnor-
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months since it first made its appearance as a small pen-
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no ova while in the remainder ova of one or more spe-
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might spring from this course was compensated for by the trust he
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often interfere with sexual intercourse, and if pregnancy
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1 Miinchener medlcinische Wochenschrift, March 3, 1903.
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affected. The diaphragm, the intercostal muscles, the muscles of the
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of the toxine each time a serum is tested. The fact that tetanus toxine
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Please see adjacent page for brief summary of prescribing information
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tion is repeatedly lighted up, for not only the original tissue, but that
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is the only observation which can be taken as approaching to a
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been excessive. This cyanosis I have found to be due to the liber-
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animal originally had, could be increased to three times its original amount
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temperature 103° ; breathing rapid, and the lung sounds much
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laxatives and correctives as already stated. BulL ui clearing

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