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the English grammar schools of to-day. When the schutzen became

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plication of the cautery for the purpose of preventing a renewed

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days after the inoculation, obviously from s >me cause inde-

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and its effects very carefully watched. Aconite, in children as well as

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was nourished by a little milk and sherry every three hours. But he fell off again

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peculiar to man ; and upon these cerebral characters he erected his sub-

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exercise a greater amount of pressure on the adjacent parts than

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mate a constant mean, and under such conditions we find the character

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The explanation of this history was that the aneurysm had induced an

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this, have to undergo an acclimation or seasoning, before they

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ments have been operated upon for the purpose of securing direct fixa-

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sociation. Summary of the Proceedings of 1 Ee-establishment of the Chair of History of

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importance. For general considerations concerning the origin and structure

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• Colinheini, AUgemeLnfr PathologiSj Bd. I. p. 631 et seq.

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Ipecac in each fl. drachm, representing five grains of

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latter is possible. Benign arthritis of traumatic origin

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and place the results of an examination beyond dispute, s. atropise must

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other. By performing flexion, extension, &c., of the latter bone,

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cause unknown. Reference : Annals of Surgery, vol. xx, p. 154.

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this :— He was ** never very strong, though always able to get through a very

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the abruptness of _thfi,JLaxMipn, the rapid increment of Jever, the frequent

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infirmity not to the medicine, but to the constipation which aloes is used to re-

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healthy condition of the outer muscle layers. This, in

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Dr. L. B. Evans. Clarkton. Essa.\ isl^Dr. Mary E. Lapham, Highlands, N. C.

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of funotioii and nutritioii of the delicate ganglion oeUs, as a

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plied for relief from seminal weakness. The emissions, he said, occurred

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