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flaccid atrophic paralysis, the reactions of degeneration, and the lost
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for the exclusion of persons sick with infectious dis-
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made much headway owing to the very severe reactions following injec-
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too strongly reprehended. We have heard of a case in which
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his " Memoir on Leprosy in Syria," inserted in the last July number
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the points in differential diagnosis — (1) of the diseases them-
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in 1842, and practiced in New York until 1845, when he went to Waukesha.
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far forwards, we may get more or less marked hemiansesthesia though
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I^anal to be chiefly derived from the salivary secretion, and that gastric juice
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pleural infections from idceration into the respiratory tract. In
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he was able to verify his opinion, and that showed that the
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varicose dilatation of the retinal veins and arteries.
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duced from causes there existing, is, in our opinion, conclu-
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inheritance disposed to gout or a lithic acid diathesis.
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published his operations. Yet it was left for Marion Sims,
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the times have changed, and you, with your modern advantages,
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appear without treatment, but we have also observed
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est are gastric ulcer, 157 cases; appendicitis, 283;
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the wound can be left undisturbed for periods of 7 to
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of dyspepsia, yet, from this, we are not justified in assuming that the
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seven years of age, had diphtheria, which was followed by
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sugar consisting of a mixture of dextrose and levulose,
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features were decidedly those of cancer, whilst the clinical history was of
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ile disease, 6 — disease of the liver, 1 — congestion of "the lungs, 1 — disease of the lungs, 1 —
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were the seat of the gray degeneration. Several of the anterior roots
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ble of producing diphtheria in man under favorable con-

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