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its benumbing powers, it might be classified as an anodyne.
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tion of tlie head spontaneously occurs, although he does not indicate the
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is in the gaseous form ; flowers of sulphur dropped on a heated shovel and
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to 90'^. At the end of that time the bodily temperature had
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small doses, in heart diseases, and I have known the continued use
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Numerous treatments, differing however in details, have
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yarions ways, (ik) The ed^es. of the flaps, may cishere. This oonditioD
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Brooklyn Surgical Society; Society of Physicians of the
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morning. In the evening of the same day the dinner of
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cough, and she has lost strength. At times; the patient fancies she
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neys. The clinical histories of two of the cases are given, and
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blood-stream finds its way to the skin and gives rise to the eruption.
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therapists meeting stated qualifications; to conduct
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experiment and continued experience, and we are sorry that the
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of these enzymes in pathological processes. As certain functional acti%i-
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1896, vii, 15: 37; 85; 112; 139; 158; 207; 253. . Oph-
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Carlsbad salts. He prefers Debove's plan of employing systematically
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for a time, until it was discontinued in consequeuce of diarrhoea accompa-
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is indispensable, though tedious, and must be persisted
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schwiicbte Tuberculose des Auges. Ber. ii. d. Versamml.
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taining a strong solution (20 per cent.) of potash, which absorbs the
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very important proofs in a case of child-murder may
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