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injection through the whole of the interior of this
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physical stimulus. Reflex action therefore takes place, by a definite channel, its operation
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hook. The condition of both the mother and child demanded immediate
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tious diseases are concerned, they have not taught a single
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arise as to the identity of the matter actually sub-
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5. The tendon of the biceps is hfted from its groove, and held
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their examination. In 1865 M John Martin, of Portsmouth,
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Resolved, That a committee be appointed to carry into effect the plan which
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ock or jar, sudden exertion, and strain, may all probably determine
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Sept. 24, 1844, Sir P. Crampton broke the stone, and
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the best treatment consists in the dropping in of a tepid solution of atro-
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theorj', and as Dr. Ernst says, an immense amount of
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rapid serous extravasation and infiltration ; (2.) A chronic stage,
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me the patient was not sick enough to justify a suspicion of such
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these 5 patients was 5.4 lb. As regards the other 4 of
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there will develop pacchionian granulations, which in
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reddish tinge and swells up. The patient and the physician are not alarmed.
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Wants to Study Medicine.— The following letter was
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appeared against the amendments at a U. S. Senate Finance
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The electromotor force developed on the contact surface between
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address, as w r ell as the president of the society. The speech of the
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for purposes of experiment, to be introduced into this
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drawn out of an ancient book of phisyck by W. C. (probably himself)
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to, the retinal vessels may already be the seat of endarteritis or
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The symptoms of the hemorrhagic pachymeningitis are usu-
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Oslo oCasisfc, A^uPO Atryy^tJ jh&u£j£s, OUrcoO &~£ri^4 c/tp ai^yt/ sZsyi/J^TsfryJ _,
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ted ou the courage of his convictions and the brilliancy
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average, the next week seven hundred, and the third two hun-
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