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Armstrong, and Meigs, the great champions for the lancet in the

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him. The Practitioner must be up to the work, and able to

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terror, the eyes protrude, head and shoulders are thrown back, then

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raila o/iancrei f and dtpewdj tin wu trtt&MCi f[ Cm iviftarn.-

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grade, is usually fatal, but milder conditions often recover

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cases in which, apparently, the lesion was slight, the diminution of

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passed on and become mixed with the excretory products of the Mal-

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to 55 per cent, of those affected. No disease showing these features,

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But no complete division into separate categories is possible ; as indeed one

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with a vessel in this diseased condition. I have seen it hap-

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observation. The patient was a young woman who had a mitral

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per extremities, and 17 times on the lower extremi-

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entirely for the good of mankind. A true humanitarian

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ness, indeed, is almost as virulent as that of influenza, and it spares

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tense, and the sounds are not so thin in quality. When vau

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from which they never vary. This numerical position

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4. Meigs, Forsyth: Pennsylvania Hospital Reports, vol. i., 1868. Quoted by

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sun, excepting only as they facilitate the drying process by the power of

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