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remarkable case, accompanied with absence of pulse in the limbs, Avhich

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contributions to a Medical Editing Service when warranted.

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reason, the lamentable proof of which is afforded by the be-

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space in your columns, ; almost immediately afterwards. Upon the

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was unusual for it to attack the scalp alone, and he

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sult produced by a discharge of powder in the way supposed, must depend on

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association with young internist in southeastern Wiscon-

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that autopsy has shown, in many cases, sufficient healthy

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show the attributes of physicians, their wives, and medicine

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«)ther physiological experiments, have long attested

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evident that the vagina had been opened. The size of the cavity occupying

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from leucocytes, (3) the sediment rich in leucocytes, (4) the original whole milk, and (5) sterilized

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of epistaxis but no hsematemesis or passage of blood per rectimi. He

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of the arm or pressure by the stethoscope may increase or produce it.

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by Amussat, Kiwisch, Hutchinson, Routh, Baker Brown, and others, although

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pregnated with mineral matter, or whether they are not starch corpuscles

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tractable. Dr. Roe always employs a nose plate made

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and other laborers in low wet places are especially liable. It is common

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in 3,000 ; No. 188, in the same quantity of water, forms a 1 per

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twice been obliged to repeat the operation, and would have

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the tertiary stage, and must be grouped amongst the later manifestations

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the disease until May 20, 1866, when he was again attacked; chloroform

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head, associated often with giddiness, we infer that there is

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refBcred to the condittoa, ptimaiy or secondary, or the cerebrum or cerebellam.

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