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gain admission to the better schools — for practice in the country!

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blocks, or masses, which vary in size from a cubic inch or two downwards,

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The Medicai, Tiites axd Gazette being published on Fridaif

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with Mr. CoUis, who has devoted so much attention to the subject

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described similar forms in the blood of influenza subjects.

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and cirrhosis of the liver. Dulness at the base of the left

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bronchial tubules serves to distinguish this condition. The fibrinous molds

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contention of Friederich von Muller that it can originate only from

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refers the condition to a vasomotor neurosis, specially implicating the

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•expose them to the pains and penalties of law. Still they had

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Perhaps we have devoted more attention to this report than it deserves^

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of the patient's diet, since the demonstration of the worthlessness of

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the carotids ; and this accords ^ath our experience at Guy's, where there

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It measured IJ inches in its longest' axis and smelt most

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Essay on Malignant Congestive Fever. By J. D. Osborn, M.D. Ibid.

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der Fremdkorper im menschlichen Orsanisnius. Internat.

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everj' change, and repair its own machinery. It may be urged

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but this information is nowhere in our literature, as I can find it, profit-

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Bennett, Mr Hawkins, Mr Cooper, Dr Acland, Dr Humphry, Dr Embleton,

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to its author being denounced as a materialist ; and Mr. Aber-

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lost vigor and wind and several became decidedly brokenwinded.

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large experience, the idea that chloroform is safer to employ

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sate as chloroform; therefore, most *>( my remarks here

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us know what you think about it. Tell us how we may

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aged is to be considered. Furthermore the murmur of muscular insuffi-

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was demonstrated to reach its height about 21 days after removal

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out in France, and I can quite easily answer the criticisms which some of the

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operated on for a congenital hydrocele. He had been seen by

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general fund, and this entitled him to full medical and

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left to stand too long after they are withdrawn from the fire.

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which might be easily remedied. The inhabitants have sur-

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