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sidered higher than in pneumonia of the base, although numerous excep-

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arise without sexual perversion, since direct and indirect infection of the

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"The death by cholera of Dr. Briard, an eminent Parisian practitioner,

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back of the limb. In the more obstinate cases of the disease counter-

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fort in the epigastrium or as an intense spasmodic pain continued along

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minutes. If the hemorrhage be small, and be situated in a not very

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oculated animals with cultures of a bacillus found in fulminating pur-

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the contents of the stomach, is about as large round as the little finger,

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movements. The walk is especially peculiar : for the first few steps it may

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tation, and 7 of these died, or 70 per cent. 7 were left to nature's

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color, according to the quantity of blood present, and a cream-like layer

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efficient of the hypnotics. It must be given in solution, well diluted, and,

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ance of equilibration in a case of brain-abscess points to the middle lobe

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it is dependent upon a dominant idea. In the hypochondriacal form

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water ; in many cases brandy should be added to this solution. Animal

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position. The functional murmurs occur in relative insufficiency of the

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rious causes just mentioned, since nothing definite has been fixed upon,

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may persist for weeks or months, perhaps for years, in which case the

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of the mercurial or of the iodide accomplishes, so far as the disease is

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Kanthack, to be simply a form of actinomycosis, the species probably,

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floating through them epithelial debris, the whole resembling rice-water.

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structed. When resolution takes place there is a return of the fine

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of death, although dysentery, delirium, coma, and convulsions are less

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it differs in the presence of muscular atrophy with changes in electro-

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tering or hesitating, somewhat thick, characteristic speech. There is

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at five o'clock P. M., he was pulling down the sash of a window, when

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gurnrna may involve a blood-vessel, and, extending along its wall, give

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with the circulation through the intercostal and lumbar arteries in con-

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puration is believed to be imminent, free drainage being necessary, and

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son's metrotome and intra-uterine pessaries, with which he " obtained

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symptoms may exactly counterfeit those of cholera, and because it has

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cartilage, and has been found only in elderly people. Eetention cysts

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cheesy plates, at the base or upon the convexities, oftener in the former

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necessitates rapid and superficial breathing ; but as the pleura becomes

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these symptoms of mental failure there are frequently extraordinary

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