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They are in Cuba two dangerous illnes, the malaria fever,
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hour, and stored for future use. These cotton swabs
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very large one. These lesions develop as an evidence of the
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increased the little seaport. The character of the Peterhead people
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Their insertion must originally have arisen from a defective
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normal, so that we have a combination of the two, a
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little distance April 10, 1896, striking upon the right knee. He was carried to St.
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child, and they will not thrive ; it is only on poor, sickly, or scrofulous
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to treat the knee with powerful galvanic currents, and the muscles with
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Among the female admissions to the Manteno State Hos-
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finally, he also studied the action of mercury upon animals, examining
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is well known, kills the cells. By this means the morbid tis-
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with an unknown primary site. The more common benign
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A consultation was held at 2.30 p. m., and immediate ex-
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not graduate— $10. All the above expenses to be paid in advance, or secured by note, with a satia-
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usually situated in the temporo-sphenoidal lobe; and that when the
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tuted has become so large and unwieldy that it is im-
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lor. Bone operations should never be performed primarily.
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regulation of health claims that could be made by dietary
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35. Kuttner A, Ryersback: The Prevention of Upper Respiratory
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tumblerful of water to each dose will often aid in its absorption. When
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excellent scholarship produced, and is a step in the direction
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and indolence are the sole differential points between lupus erythematosus

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