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would in all probability miscarry. Later she became
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two hours. An injection of castor-oil, turpentine, sulphuric
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continuous catgut suture united the anus with the skin,
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been home about an hour his mother left the room for a moment, and
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The color should be a dark red; otherwise the reaction must be corrected. A stab
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and roll up tight. Roll it out again, and put the same propor-
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divided in hundredths in the centiiirade, and in eightieths in Keaumur.
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genuine chorea, the choreic movements of the lower extremities were
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use of this positive language: ''I believe that the forceps, when
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terrible ravages, took measures, by instituting leper
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lative, through the sympathetic, altogether making a
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arm, but the movement becomes so wild that he tends to hit himself
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thegenitc-anal region are concerned, I believe that in the
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on a par with English and American antivivisection legislation. We pre-
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ed potency that are so notably free from imals there were manifest arrest of develop-
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with some small flakes of coagulable lymph on its surface; at all other
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of the opening is called the trachea, meaning the windpipe.
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showed that the poisons might attack the nerve centres as
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injury, M. Melsens finds it useful to interrupt the
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occurred spontaneously, and recovery took place. This [latient was a female,
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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to
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society with increasing leisure time at its disposal, all-terrain
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of the bloodvessel be measured, the velocity of the blood-

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