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was led to this method of treatment by noting the increase of the
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apothecaries prepare for use the resins and gum resins i To which it
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50 per cent, alcohol in another watch-glass. This time the
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The debilitated individual is toned by corrective man-
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per cent. Including all the fatal croup cases there is
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University School of Medicine, East Concord Street, Tues-
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consequently the cells are not in a condition to excrete either salts or
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Dr. Apjohn : I beg to state it is not true that I have ever
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and in perfect possession of your senses. Thus you will always do well to
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qoionel — Majors Joseph B. Girard, Feb. 2 ; Ezra Woodruff, Feb. 2 ;
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the affects of alcohol and he felt that the pathological
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then a third illustrated work, on the flora of the Neilgherrics,
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Other reactions to the implicit moral crisis of allowing
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senile degenerations exist, or when there are morbid changes in the
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above downward. He says that from this it must be self-evident that the
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tion, as it is difficult to impress upon school officers the fact
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manure bacillus obtained from manure heaps, which likewise
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the effect of the same in the following thirty-six to forty-
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ing the extirpation of a cervical adenitis, Clermont tested vari-
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* This " plant,'''* as the author calls ^ it, and which, he
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respects, except in bitterness, which pervades them
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tarrhal conditions- of the mucous membrane. — Canadian Journal of Med"
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Pelvis and liupture of Bladder. — Dr. Lee showed these specimens with
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various products. Important specialties, such as Penicil-
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remarkably free from diphtheria during the last six years, we may yet in the
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is less need of seeking distinct and appropriate remedies. As

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