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remains young, relapse is not always avoidable. When it does

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out being any better as far as their rickets is concerned.

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his taste leaned chiefly towards literature and art. At Dr Hender-

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Rest should always be allowed to the parts, so as to

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Blood counts on white persons Uving in the PhiHppines indicate

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When writing- advertisers please mention the Journal.

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vexed question of lavage of the stomach, the author takes up a very

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imported by African slaves. A fairly complete description is given

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posterior wounds of the abdomen above the umbilicus

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printed and mailed the catalogue, and in it the following appeared :

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Wants to Study Medicine.— The following letter was

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trated. The influence of habit on self-possession, promptness of thought, and

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may be reduced to a fraction of its original duration, and yet possess a

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tion of the urine, after this condition has been produced by the bicarbonate

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take or retain much nourishment. Her cough became more trouble-

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it is too late to do much for the patient. I have had a number of such cases, and

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but the smallest portion of some mild, light, nutritive fluid at proper

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city is in an unfortunate sanitary condition by reason of a dead-

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and Demography were conveyed by special train to the

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It appears the woman's first labor was very lingering, and sloughing of

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princes of the art ? This ticklish query has just been occu-

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to the perversion of the sexual instinct wliicli so eminently

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the space between the fourth and fifth ribs, on the right side. Tlie general

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periments I undertook. Those rejSorts were premature,

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