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Leulctmia — 656; and pneumonia. 283; and tubercu-
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tion of the pustule is therefore indicated, and it is of great importance
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body be limited to 150, and that it be given a distinctive
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abdominal wall than the left. The duodenum was also examined,
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touch. It is found back of the cord. When this has been
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ascending frontal and parietal gyri and paracentral convolution were
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•enhance this grand and manly presence. His hands are of
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Etioloot. Report or Caere. By Leon B. Medalia, M.D.,
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2. Ammonia, — In four cases no appreciable difference in the
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lower third, detached fragments of bone embedded in the
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The manner in which this seeming condition of the parts is caused, is
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[IS in the instinctive desires and habits of all the animal creation in lim-
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absorbable sutures are used, the thread should be as small in size and
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be that the ovum after being discharged from the left ovary
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the tone of the system. The second is often the result of a monotonous
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than the old model, on account of the suppression of oscillation. The Institute for
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Ihe nearer the insanity is to the confinement in point of
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eosinophile, and basophile) may exceed that of the polymorphonuclears. The eosin-
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ment during their stay in the hospital and appeared to be influenced
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which has produced the attack. It would be unreasonable to antici-
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s.ympathische Ophthalmic; niit Demonstration vonPiapa-
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while Krehl and Broadbent oppose this view. The author believes that they are

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