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under whose authority this step is taken, and wc shall be truly re-

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symptoms of acute nervous disease, and may be fairly

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pressure did not give her more pain at the part itself, than did a

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be tried. Preparations of ergot have a good reputation, and to a certain

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aconite in the early stage will give benefit at the same time morphine has

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exclusive of spontaneous perforation of the thoracic walls, will hardly war-

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chancres and condylomata at the Lock Hospital, from cases

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adenocarcinoma of midjejunum metastic to mesentery and

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from various embryos. After several weeks of the treatment the

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protuberant abdomen, and looks at first sight not unlike a person

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and have shown that the electrical currents observed in mus-

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the long agitated question, concerning the manner in which

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both here and abroad, the disease in numberless instances has been

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other hand, the occurrence of yellow fever among vaccinated persons

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Yet, he doubts not that some atmospheric influences

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when emptied of the matter, should be filled to a moderate degree of

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ascribed to any of the known narcotic substances. If given in a safe dose

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into pelvis, one piece into each side, and incision closed

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always more severe than the first ones. Second attacks are not uncommon

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tions during the late war. It is probable that this may become routine

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some characteristic peculiarity by which they could be dis-

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tion of Voigtel's Pathol. Anat. Vol. I. p. 678, quotes Soem-

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faturnine, and frequently changing fuddenly : the eyes lofe their

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