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mortality that the day, we believe, is not far distant,
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when the stomach contains water alone, since, under physiologic conditions with-
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cells corresponding to its action, whereby they are rendered permanently more
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1 9*065 pensioners, at 6d. a day, average age thirty-one
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selves gratified, that, not only students who have attended one
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are emptied into the large intestine they are carried forward for some
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both externally and internally, for four jears, now repeats an opinion formerly
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yellow fever has by some been considered an exception, and it cannot be
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which in every case disaijpeared or remained benign.
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hensive notions on the difficult problems which they occasion-
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they can take home, and encourage them to write down
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It is not uncommon to find pachymeningitis interna and hematoma of the
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distended one pleural cavity, and in its course presented all the phenomena, natural
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have reckoned without their host wlio believe that the Po jr-law M*-'dical
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At the same meeting of the Society Dr. Ord read notes
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majority of persons, Professional as well as non-Professional,
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this area lighted it is possible to see clearly through the tele-
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with the cicuta half a grain of calomel daily, which was after-
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third, the deformity is slight. The fibula serves as a splint in re-
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and the most firm. You will often find the upper part of the
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contracts; second, The contraction, while each instant becoming
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most favorable place for contact with the infected fingers (Wright),
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Lot V comprised 34 cheeses, made by E. S. Rice at Triumph, Ohio,
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Mr Cathcart asked Dr Taylor if tlie exact condition of the
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native grasses are steadily invaded by buffalo berry and

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