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but still retains more or less of its obliquity, because the pyloric

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d'opht., Par., 1894, 3. s., xvi, 181-185.— 'Vossius (A.) Ein

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These statements were not essential to the status of the doctrine of

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day caused a fit in fifteen minutes. Seventeen milligrammes next day caused a

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jfivon birth to — bacteriology — astmly wiiicli now occupies a

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latures so as to make certain provisions obligatory on

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It shows up every actuality when the x-ray is focussed

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the condition of their eyes can be steadily observed ; and they

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warmer climates, and upon plantations, in mines and in digging tunnels

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thing becomes very important. A little warmed milk Avill often be

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''The price of the operation will be $400.00; if you are

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Medical Director of the Institutions at Dunning, is

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The following Table will show very distinctly the amount of

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emphatically. I find myself rather at a loss to say

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found to be uniform in the jiiicctcd tubes, or more marked in patches or

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the muscles along the spine also, especially in the upper

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logical Society at its session in 1888. The numbers in

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not identical with impetigo as then understood. It was noticed by Mr

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seum, theatre, dissecting rooms and laboratory, are all on a scale of magnitude and excellence equal,

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and upwards well, Lut could not quite fully turn the eyelDall

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after middle life ; (3) that the endometrial hyperplasia and

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other cases the patients have a partial knowledge of events transpir-

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caments on herself for several months be- and vulva and, in very young subjects, Hie

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doses than are required by the mouth, it seems probable

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important factor in the production of the flattened biconcave form of

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outwards, the outer edge of the tuberosity remaining attached to the

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