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exploratory incision. This incision will have to be
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formerly diabetes was imagined to consist in local disease of the kid-
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temperature ; physiologic and pathologic effects of the com-
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drawn sufficiently to admit the severing of the adhesions —
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both abscesses gave a pure growth of staphylococcus pyogenes
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ing deductions from the results of animal experiments to the ex-
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HuTTON, W. H. H., Surgeon. To proceed from Washington,
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ize quackery, by positive enactments. The general provis-
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then recovered and when last seen there was no hyperalgesia
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Leipzig, 1895. — 33. Idem. Neurologischcs Ccntralblatt, 1894, pp. 674, 809. Leipsic,
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together with catgut sutures. It was dressed with a
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district; and the deaths of 1911 were quite comparable with those of 1901.
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MaUa Fever. — In this disease, in which the wave-like febrile periods
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oi namentai gilding for outdoor work, is done by first cover-
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of blood, are concomitants of fracture, not pertaining to the
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the supposition of a concealed quartan, for an interval of 48 cannot,
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penetrate the tissues; the reflex stimulation is then transmitted through
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Please forward to Balmoral Castle one dozen 2s. 6d. Tins of
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save as an emetic because of its pungency and the difficulty
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sible to light ; and his skin becomes hot and perspiring with his violent
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Again the Chicago Medical Society comes back to the subject
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spiratory effort, and carried the missile backward into the
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do perhaps, going around hunting up cases, making them,
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Wonderful opportunity right man. County seat, office on public square. mt2
came round here, and found the deceased, just where he is now lying, nearly
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of ergot, that it will prove both a subject of interest and profit

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