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charges of mucus and occasional discharges of blood or of

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open-mouth breathing of out-door air, if in the winter,

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course of years, and always chosen for what was called the east end

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succumb to the poison in two or three weeks, and with little loss of

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There had been no movement of the bowels for forty-eight

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original size. No further particulars are given. In

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The best treatment of a disease must be tailored to the

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a meagre salary for attendance only on parishioners

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s«)lutely incorrect. This I have done more than once. The

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killed. No cases have been reported during the week from

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neighing to the tempest, a few feet from camp. I mounted

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very marked. The vessels have great power to shrink,

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MA215 Health Sciences Center, Columbia, MO 65212. 314/

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it is toward the close of life. Generally there is notable muscular pros-

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lawyers, are firmly persuaded that the writ of habeas

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on the table. Gersuny has been using this apparatus exten-

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tracted kidney may occur as an advanced stage of ma-

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Boston ; " The Treatment of Typhoid Fever by System-

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kept sterile by keeping some of the protargol solu-

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8. Men unaccustomed to marching may toughen their feet by

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Flours prepared from the soya bean, almonds, cocoanuts, and Iceland

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average amount of blood taken fr'om fifteen patients

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catarrhal angina. We might say that more than half the physicians

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atropin diminished the epinephrin action far more than did pilocarpin.

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effective work is in the fulfilment of its educational duty. The

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organic disease which can be regarded as the efiicient cause of

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any pathogenic organisms present. Most important of

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tion of the kidney ; chronic congestion of the kidney ;

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that the affection be more carefully studied and explained, and

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number. The cephalothorax is depres.-ed, slightly convex on

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inflammation of the pelvic cellular tissue, occurring

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