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with several boles. The uterus, except being very much thickened,

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views monstrosities were caused by peculiar conjunctions of the heavenly

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fell into disuse owing to the difficulty of administration, but of late

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miplegia can only be the effect of a want of that sensorial power which

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College of Georgia, Augusta ; Medical College of Louisiana, New Or-

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intestines. This was in 1824, and with the accumulated experience of

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Aural. — Otitis media may occur with its usual symptoms ; the bacillus

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(a) General maternal traumatism, e.g. falls and blows, (h) Injuries and

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A possible etiological relationship between syringomyelia and leprosy

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M.D., Hartford, Conn.; Wm. H. Webster, M.D., Batavia, N. Y. ; Dl

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ignorance and which Is disseminated generally among the ignorant, will

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Diarkable in his deportment : he had been regular and orderly. He had

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the author is convinced by many experiments. Charpie, moistened with

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The other class of nerves, which is distributed to the lungs from the

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ness, which must be familiar to every one, and which is especially noticeable

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The pulse is generally less frequent than in health, regular, and of

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very frequently attacks the human subject, infection being conveyed through

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servation, which, if you should think them worthy of notice, you are at

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contact of India rubber is said to be excellent for sore throat, when worn

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or ten miles of Flintstone, and eighteen or twenty miles above Hancock.

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ve saw the Rev. E. W. Sewell, of Scituate. a patient of the inatittttioa,

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Heave-hanging is the most important of the hanging positions, and the only

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cow-parsnip was mostly depended on, and she was cured.

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always be relieved from any social duties or pleasures which prove in any

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of Vaccination at Karachi, who sees, personally, the results obtained and

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warmth, and, if necessary, artificial respiration. If the vomiting be

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lution, paying, as did Mr. Russell, a brief, but strong tribute to the dis-

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also very serviceable applications whose advantages have withstood the test

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elevated, the right shoulder blade thrown out, and the spine of course

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patient's niece. He began open-air carriage-driving twice a week or so, and

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sometimes it does harm, lowering the patient's strength and aggravating

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varying duration, which ends in the first local manifestation of syphiUs or

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stuck the needle into the lens of the calfs eye, it also pained her

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