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a third parallel column, of the diseases to which the medi-

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ring-like stenosis may form, which may be smooth and

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already answered the question, and said— Zei it be encouraged.

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All of these conditions annoy the attendant ; but of still greater annoyance to

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tress. There is no doubt of the similarity in some respects of the

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severe cases to delirium at night. In no case was there any

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The next question investigated was — The period after the simple deprivation

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fJreat Portland-street. 2 p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Royal London

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ounces; the surface was covered with recent lymph; there was

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domain. The courts of Great Britain have, within about a

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the constipating eifect that the tincture of the chloride of

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board to carry the i-ope. He did not use the long splint,

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lant nothing is better ; its effect lasts six or eight hours, while

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remedial agents, which is improbable. Treatment: lodid. potassii,

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etc., but at present rarely used as such, unless in obstinate spasm

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bri date dalla LaveraniB malaria;. Atti d. xi. Cong. med.

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tried in this country and in England with varying suc-

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day a slight t\mpanites developed, at the same time the

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of potass, with the effect of removing the |in a report upon the case, thinks that the

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valescent Hospital, and are now only proceeding to borrow

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nonoperative treatment should be tried first and this

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simple one, which will agree with the well-known laws of the

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factors for Alzheimer’s disease among community-dwelling

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During the past year much has been said and written on this important

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floor but a few inches from the earth. What may we not expect from

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a millet-seed, in which there was a little opening plugged

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drainage, etc., were advanced. His influence upon the age in which he

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force^ the correlation of forces, is a matter taken for granted

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to explain too much to a patient, that little knowl-

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either direct or as a part of the effect of the ischsemia exerted

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7. Modern Views as to the Causation and Treatment of

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