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mortar of a rough-cast wall ; thus constituting a firm mass, and giving

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in this case the gentlemen took the lead, the oldest

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Western General Dispensary. — Physician in Ordinary.

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a large amount of free fat in globules of various sizes. Many

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mean daily temperature was 58.8°. On the 3rd the thermometer

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cept a few cases of simple descensus uteri and simple retroversion. In

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bus, has had his salary increased from $800 to $1,200.

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sity together with contributions from similar laboratories in other

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feature than the former. In cases where both were ligatured

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as nearly as possible error from these causes, no effort has been made

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himself in the travels of others, he imagined that all Africa

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alluded to in the above description. In the observations referred to

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hyperaesthesia and paraesthesia occur. Fatty masses, sometimes of enor-

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This test showed no definite asphyxiation effects prior to the*period

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in from 20 to 40 per cent, of the cases, tuberculosis, w^here either the

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it not be that it consumes for the support of its life

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pathies, including pathological changes in the muscles

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the fingers separated and at once withdrawn and flexed; the head and

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skin moderately warm ; tongue clean, pale and flabby; bowels

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his ideas as to the use of drugs had been revolutionized, and that

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name so dignified is that of Dr. William T. G. Morton,

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the capacity of the middle zone, as will be shown in

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Around the anus is an epithelial growth. On passing the

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electricity and of electro-magnetism. If this knowledge be

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inquire if there has been any essential change of treatment in your

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engorged, as shown by marked cyanosis and orthopnea, bleeding directly from

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it will often do if her relatives know precisely what you think of

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eases comprised under the term " gastro-intestinal infections." There

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strength, or in the number, of its beatings, or in both. Sometimes

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just to infer, that some other cause must at least concur with the

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The diagnosis is a multilocular ovarian cyst, partially solid perhaps,

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been too much afraid of removing a certain part of the

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or, " When shall the establishment of an artificial anus

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De. Roosa moved that, if the chair were vacated by the

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a period of two months, 60 grains of the drug were given per week,

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Case S. Acute Rheumatism. Belloivs Murmur at Base of Heart.—

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