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cussion effects be distinguished from compression by haemor-
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The method of plugging the trachea is accompUshed in the
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a regular practician had been called and discharged. A number
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morbid conditions of the lung ; these are. especially congestion and oedema
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were collected from the practice of forty-three different surgeons all
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ening and rig'idity of the skin, give rise to the condition
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ed potency that are so notably free from imals there were manifest arrest of develop-
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chologists, in the sense that they confine their activi-
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statistical significance. 4 Agreement was expressed in terms
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from the severe pains in the course of the nerves. He had little
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in the twenty-four hours. During September she had hyper-
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Repeated examinations of urine show persistent albuminuria,
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connected with a well-developed and hypertrophied left uterus by a
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nary respiration is the first of the functions, progressively
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the shrinking of their protoplasm to assume a stellate form, the resulting
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soning in the rat. In the evaporation of this paraxanthin solution, there
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in the same direction as the eyes. The eye-deviation is in the direction
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cinetic changes in the red corpuscle, with much interest,
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inch in height, and of a pale reddish-brown colour, and
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fants and children residing in Edinburgh sterile gauze compress saturated with the
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the neighbouring arteries. This may be possible by means within the
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uring the volume the stopcocks f, g, b, c, and d must be closed.
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good constitution. For the past three years he has had
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taken half an hour previously and the patient refrain from every
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likely to bring on a frightful accident than the youngest
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for sympathetic ophthalmia, and that this is first manifested in the
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Syphilitic tumors or glandular enlargements from specific
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been so honourably and so usefully identified ; and
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offered to the circulation by the extraordinary accumulation of
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disposed of the difficulties in regard to the definition of the term
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Under the directions of a doctor perhaps a larger dose could be
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the spinal cord, there was a curious circumscribed lesion re-
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epidemics shows that typhoid and not typhus fever has been the prevailing
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