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recorded by me in any way shewing such a result, I cannot but

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cessful. Schottclius* publishes an interesting series of observations

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year is a legitimate one. Otherwise, an early and equally

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spread of the disease. Bubonic plague in man is entirely

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worse ; the patient became almost completely unconscious ;

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canonicals. The face, as therein depicted, is indicative of intel-

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lems, " the safe and elegant imbecility of classical learning,"

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societies in this state may elect delegates to this Society in the

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of view of the neurologist, as well as of the general surgeon, the

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mittenteda ( ntiscnia d<irorbita. Ann. di oltal, Pavia,

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Fig. 1. — X-ray photograph of C. H. C.'s stomach after the

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but still retains more or less of its obliquity, because the pyloric

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young man to take as a motto the saying of that wise old pre-Hippocratic

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a mild degree of anemia, and at times seem to appear even before the anemia,

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Soft boiled or coddled eggs may be begun at sixteen months, a

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tumours, mere overgrowths or reproductions of modified lymphatic-gland

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or people who have to do Avith animal products. In some of the cases

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present colleges of physicians and surgeons in this state.

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which have been fathered on him without much regard to historical

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preciable enlargement of the ])rostate was discovered

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valuable properties, in the treatment of chronic gout,

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for duty during the voyage of that vessel to the Philippine

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central lesion. When the cardiac lesion is compensated, and the pres-

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etc. London and New York : Longmans, Green, & Co, 1889. Pp. xix-

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