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menon there has been evidence of concomitant kidney disease, so that the

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ology of our medical acts and in a very few instances improves the

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the same period, but was compelled to abandon the project.

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closely the product of conception, but Cjughlin is certain of

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sation of such an ulcer would lead to considerable stenosis.

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Wash., March 21, 1904, for the physical examination of officers of the

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School," which pays especial attention to the culi-

antabuse on line which model of treatment

integration of the tissue followed by the invasion of the injured

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fluid were removed, with a large amount of a whitish, cheesy, semi-

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disease. The cure is often retarded by the neglect of

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remark, that the convulsions ceased soon after the blister,

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at the top or sides so that it can be properly washed out. With a little

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the bad, I have demonstrated on several occasions in a

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was constrained to conclude that they were of no diagnostic impor-

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15A. Nutrition Clinic. — The feeding and care of children (two to six years of

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it discusses vexed questions fairly, and will be found a useful work

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gested • digestion is fair, but a large meal will increase the praecordial

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the cases there were no complications, but in the remainder

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sustain the strength, we frequently give more nourish-

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Recklinghausen in pressure measurements (13 cm.) is that they have to

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stenosis or insufficiency and consequently can not be clinically dis-

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In addition to the urine flask there have been other symbols associated with the medical

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and teacher, to the speculative class of physicians, but are

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Drs. Freeman, Burnham, Park and Remondino cited cases of uenritis from

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cancer, either in the abdomen or the pelvis. If such symptoms do not

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condition. "In this condition the manometer may give us a point.

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in the hospital during the years 1901 ami 1902. The greater part of

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Mt>iii6r)- \ui> loccnlly imido olisiTviiliiuis wiiicii roiinidi' wiili

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Guthrie, J. A., passed assistant surgeon, detached from the Vlcks-

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of the air-passages and air-cells of the lungs ■ "

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The Medical Society has, however, some record to show of time of

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enema of salts, glycerine aud water was given to re-

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liquid diet, consisting as far as possible of milk, was ordered. Alcoholic

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care of a nurse, and was advised to keep quiet, as I had a peptic

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the strong objections to this proceeding are the conversion of a

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of Ann Arbor, published in the Michigan State Medical

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familiar. As to his classification, he gives us the one that is

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ited with sufficient merit to warrant their use. Some of

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veneric excitation. Fvir fifteen days— placed in such

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