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gist of all these epoch-making works we were promptly made
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is sometimes surrounded by a faint areola, which is probably owing
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mere metaphysical belief that " stimulants must increase fever "
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piece of bone ; but this was of no more use than in the case I have just related
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tended, and the lobules present a red centre and light periphery. In the
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tated condition of the patient — atonic gout — the pulse is feeble and
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duties of the bacteriologist w^ere too much divorced. Either the physician must
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to be found in general hospitals, and it increased his opportunities
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Erb, on the contrary, compresses into a few pages all the data
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grey cart gelding, six years old, in previous good condition,
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to works on special departments rather than to works in-
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July 29, 1909. XXI. Paroxysm of fever (see temperature chart).
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used has on one side a highly glazed surface, which, being perfectly
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est pathologist of our times — Kudolph Virchovv. Vir-
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vated temperature the morbific contagion causing the
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habit of the patient. Acuteness of judgment is lost; memory and
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Progress may be closely watched, the parts kept clean,
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much less, and so little that in the afternoon a Friars' balsam
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personnel in this instance were free from all suspicion of
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lead into crypts which are often large enough to con-
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the blood filling the stomach (middle intestine) of the mosquito into the
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ney and submitting it to a judicious medication is highly prob-
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Haemorrhage from the bowels, I have usually been successful
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cause to complain of such heedlessness of expressions, to say the least,
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vaccinia, variola of the skin protected imperfectly against vaccinia.
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are ruptured from slight causes, the structure of these organs will be found
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be due to the fact that through this food (buckwheat) sub-
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at the menstrual periods, and consequently instituted a rather peculiar treat-
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Thomason, K,, M. R.CS.E.. tas been appointed VisittnR Surgeon to the

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