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symptoms are aggravated. Cerebral excitement and delirium are often
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probably eight feet high, and accidentally fell over backward, alight-
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truding seque>trum, and a partially detached flap of integument
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atforded by the same symptom in cases of diphtheria, scarla-
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years there had been occasional pain in the right side of the
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particularly those affecting the organs of digestion. A moist
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extending this invitation Saratoga Springs can and will guar-
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larly that respecting the attempt of strangulation having occurred
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shorter interval than a year from the previous one. Then, too, it
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plains of cold ; is chilly, shivers. After this has gone
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affected : in the notes of Case IV its condition is not mentioned.
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collapse occurs when the chest is opened. Examined with the microscope,
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Watts' Edition of Fownes' Manual). By William A. Tilden, D.Sc.
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first week, 15 pounds second week, 8 pounds third week,
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detect any further nodules. The left cerebellar lobe is
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dropped on a heated shovel and carried about the room with
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1. History of the Medical Clinic in Leipzig. W. His, Jr.
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partum hemorrhage due to atony is usually improper management of
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rickets as a combined cause, seventy five per cent, were
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with special kidney pads or trusses are to be absolutely re-
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outbreak of the epidemic in Italy the Government made
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Mr. Boyle's method is practically a gas-and-oxygen method, and I
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address, as w r ell as the president of the society. The speech of the
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1000 pages, containing the descriptive catalogues of the
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atous persons, the permanently inflated condition^ or, as more com*
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there. The apparatus is simple, it requires but a small
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tumour, and exposed the surface of the sound bone, which
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a soft hemorrhagic area, 1.5 cm. in diameter. The parenchyma is moderately
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planation «i these phenomena. Pasteur undertook to
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adequately and amply practised there will be little
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attacks there is always a sense of anxiety and uneasiness, and a fear born of
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may serve to convince her of the truth of his assertion.
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are the best ; the others comprise liniments contain-
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always present, during life, in the upper part of the small
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suffering any eye disorder not withstanding the standard
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tunieurs d'origine congfenitale. Arch. prov. de chir., Par.,
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Differential. — There may be difficulty in dift'erentiating the acute
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She had suffered from amenorrhea since the first week in January up
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underneath the patient and secured in such a position that it

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