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plus contains the aocount of a simple method for its extraction.

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to sleeping beneath a feather bed made of duck feathers. The cause was not

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rent torpidity, they are subjected again to the action of the chloroform,

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underwent ligature of the right common iliac artery for

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The motor area from which the facial fibres originate is

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hales two full inspirations of O one volume, N.,0 one

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pathological alterations in the excretion. The methods

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to be exerted can be regulated by the number of bands.

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But the patient may waive the privilege thus secured

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has recently been practised. Another striking exhibit

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producing curious eruptions, and perhaps the same effect may be produced

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In general, it may be said that in the treatment of the

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on the Classification of Tics or Habit Movements. He

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an acrid and fetid discharge. Extreme prostration comes on, at a more

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his neck, which interfered with development. The fifth is

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former in permitting or preventing the manifestations of

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copoeia — excepting, indeed, the unpublished one of the writer— they have

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systolic bruit over the aorta by successive bleeding of an

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be the first or the most pronounced throughout symptom.

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to complain of the great heat, and the thermometer veri-

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Dr. Nichols has given us here succinctly the history of a very

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of course is concerned only in the relict' of the pain associated with

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Reports, Croonian Lectures, etc. 10. MACEWEX. Pyogenic Diseases of the Brain.

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The patient is four feet ten and a half inches high,

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senile degenerations exist, or when there are morbid changes in the

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the age of twenty -four, and that after a chill and mental overwork. In

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largely hj-peraemic and the white streak produced by drawing the finger

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round the chin, forming a curve from angle of mouth round

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toxicity of the blood and lymph; with reference to the lymph, indeed, we

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Other papers by him are to be found in the Medical News, 1893, and the

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tions of the branches of the middle meningeal artery to the cranial wall, might in

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meningitis serosa chronica there are some who believe in the advan-

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precipitate consisting of albumose, a little peptone

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the Gasserian ganglion. Lesser (1877) in two cases, and Kaposi

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with violent pains under the right costal border, which radi-

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always holding the mirror in our right hand with its handle

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