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Drake, assumed an appearance of total insensibility,
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treatment, both medical and surgical, originated by American
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Prof. Byrne, of the Long Island College Hospital, and his testimony is
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patient seems not to realize the gravity of his condition, and answers
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risk before they had received the legacy of $350,000 left
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was sorry to see that Dr. King had again rehabilitated his
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poor, equally arbitrary. It was because the voluntary
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W. B. Hildebrand, MD — W. W. Hildebrand, Esq. and G. B. Hildebrand, MD Memorial
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thus brought nearer to the normal. To these processes Dr
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urer, J. T. Keeve, of A])i)leton ; Assistant Secretary, Dr. Xich-
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is increased during the water period and still further increased during
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Treatment and Management. — The simple raelancholiacs
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beginning of convalescence, there is a very vague, often indis-
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such a diluted vapour as shall just suffice to keep up the condition of insensi-
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local dressings of the " black wash " or calomel fumigation applied.
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the blood-vessels was so much increased that in some
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On transverse section of the cord a haemorrhage is seen which usually
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societies hereafter must be endowed. The entire profession of
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dred per cent, of these patients did die within a period
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acquainted with them in their accustomed complications, and
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In the restoration of normal bowel function Petrogalar may be
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important factor in the production of the flattened biconcave form of
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in a sitting position the patient draws his legs and his thighs towards him.
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cutaneous tissues, characteristically in the region of the eyes, while th^
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seemed quite well again, the doctor removed some mu-

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