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ter of some importance when it reaches a tender spot
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anatomic changes, which have already been enumerated in full in the
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and cloudiness charts intended to accompany this paper,
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location in the abdominal wall being three or four centimetres from the
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between the Anophelince and the Culicince. Now, if we examine the
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pressure did not give her more pain at the part itself, than did a
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lumbrici. He has also combined it with black oxide of iron,
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operation no normal ganglion cells could be found in the fifth and
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drine HCl. Dosage: Children, 1 cc for each 10 lbs. of body
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(H. Z.) The proper use and preservation of the eyes:
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after six months. In this case the growth was as large as
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Group III patients. As has been shown in other stud-
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Chicago, 1899, xxxiii, 580-582. — tie Sa (H.) Eesidtado
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Hydroeephalus. The post-mortem evidence described in this article
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slightly movable tumor just within and above Poupart's ligament, at
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saved. One of two operations may be adopted, the one to
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for two and one-half inches in the median line. The
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there is a certain dread of what may be in the future, a skeleton in the
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or rods, which give a denticulated appearance to the cliromatin mass,
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extra-uterine life or in the course of the second month, rarely after the end
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remove them. P^i'om the presence of the woi'st jiossible initants he is in
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child two teaspoon fuls of farinaceous food, carefully prepared with milk, and
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hormonized" for food which has been sterilized or pre-
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Glascrow University, where he graduated M.A. (1889) with first
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heart, there was also pain in the loins and an inability
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lower tube sliding into the upper one. In the head of
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cases the index finger should, without force, reach
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great variety depending principally upon the force of the excit-
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hereditary predisposition to those pecuharities which characterize

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